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Dr. Farian serves:

  • Broadview Heights
  • Cleveland
  • Parma
  • Parma Heights
  • North Royalton
  • Seven Hills
  • Independence
  • Brecksville
  • Richfield
  • Bath
  • Hinckley
  • Strongsville
  • Macedonia

Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain restorations such as onlays and inlays are our preferred restoration of choice for posterior teeth that have adequate strength or tooth structure remaining for a bonded filling. They accomplish the same purpose of restoring function and strength as a crown or cap, but with several important advantages.

They are more conservative than the traditional crown, which covers the entire tooth and requires significant tooth removal. With an onlay or an inlay, any decay, cracks or old silver-mercury fillings are removed. All remaining sound tooth structure is left untouched.
Once fitted, the restoration is bonded to the tooth with a laser. This restores the original strength, function and natural appearance. Being a non-metal restoration, there is no chance of metal allergies as there are with traditional porcelain to metal crowns. They usually do not extend below the tissue as do traditional porcelain to metal crowns thus promoting greater periodontal health.

There are no eating restrictions and the restorations are maintained in the same manner as natural teeth with regular brushing, flossing and dental prophylaxis.

Dr. Zenon Farian is an Ohio cosmetic dentist. Services include innovative, state-of-the art dentistry,
including implants and cosmetic dentistry, veneers, orthodontics, tooth whitening, nitrous oxide sedation.

Now Serving Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Broadview Heights, North Royalton,
Brecksville, Seven Hills, Parma, Richfield, Independence, Strongsville and surrounding Suburbs.